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I am Sahil Kohli, founder of Quik.com and co-founder of Timesnext Media Group. I started my life's ambition at PEC University of Technology, receiving my Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Electronics and Electrical Communications Engineering. I started XeroCopy as a student, a project that initially lured me to Silicon Valley.

This youth-focused initiative was the very first chapter. We aided businesses and brands in promoting photocopies and integrating with college and university-level youth by subsidizing photocopy prices by a factor of 1:10 and operating in 21 colleges throughout Northern India.

In addition to being an angel investor and a day trader for more than seven years, I also have a passion for investing in early-stage startups.

Later, I founded Killerlaunch, a company that assists startups in hiring talent, and TimesNext Media Group for breaking tech startup news. Timesnext media owns several news outlets like timesnext.com, metatelegraph.com, coinnounce.com, chaintimes.com & indiatech.com.


My passion for the metaverse market and the burgeoning web 3.0 grew in developing further technological developments in the blockchain sector. As a corollary,

I later founded Quik.com, a P2P NFT domain marketplace that provides users with a portal to the decentralized world and is based on the protocols ERC-721, ERC-1155, and BEP-721, BEP-1155, thus creating a user-oriented program.

quik.com, an NFT Domain Marketplace

This sparked my interest in collecting cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and NFT domains, which are undoubtedly crucial aspects of the metaverse. I ought to explore the metaverse with you, rather than just solo.

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