How To Get Famous With The Help Of Astrology?

Know how planets like the Sun, Rahu, and Saturn influence your destiny. Learn from Astrologer Kohli which houses and charts in your Kundli determine fame.

How To Get Famous With The Help Of Astrology?
Secrets to Achieving Fame With Astrology | By Astrologer Kohli

Many, especially those in the entertainment sector crave popularity much. Actors, YouTubers, and influencers all fall under this category. In one’s Kundli (birth chart), astrology gives an account of planetary and house influence factors; these are some of the things we can learn from the heavenly world when analyzing fame.

Even though a person may be famous due to the Sun’s influence, other planets like Rahu and Saturn also perform certain roles of significance. The top astrologer in India, Sahil Kohli, explains how the astrological principles that were used by popular personalities to become famous provide useful information to those in business, film-making, and fashion modelling among other professions where success depends on how well-known one is.

What Are The Types Of Fame?

Astrology group positions into four key forms of fame that each has their own distinct features and implications: 

  1. Short-term fame: Just recognition that is transitory; fades out with time, normally linked to temporary success or ephemeral popularity. 
  2. Long-term fame: Recognition that lasts up to death characterized by continuous accomplishment and a heritage that remains forever.
  3. Posthumous Fame: Posthumous fame is the recognition you achieve after dying for the good services and contributions you made earlier. It majorly happens to well-known historical figures. 
  4. Legendary Fame: Legendary Fame is another type of fame earned through long years of working very hard in a particular field, and it equates to acting legends like Amitabh Bachchan or cricket star Sachin Tendulkar.

How To Detect Fame Using Kundli? 

For astrological analysis of fame, it is necessary that one looks at several charts in your Kundli such as the following: 

  • D1 Chart (Lagna Chart): Shows us who we are as people and what we’re like as individuals. 
  • D5 Chart: This is all about talents & abilities related to creativity or self-expression. 
  • D9 Chart: Tells us about our destiny or higher calling on life’s path; also known as our ‘dharma. 
  • D10 Chart: Focuses primarily on matters regarding profession and success on the work front. 
  • D11 Chart: This is all about your friends or people near you that influence the way you think.

These charts collectively help in understanding various aspects of fame in one's life.

Important Houses for Fame in Astrology

Certain houses in your Kundli play vital roles in determining fame:

  • 1st House: The first house is the house of identity and first impression which pave the way for one’s fame.
  • 7th House: The seventh house denotes what one achieves for permanent renown.
  • 8th House: The eighth house signifies posthumous or hidden fame. 
  • 10th House: The tenth house shows our chosen profession or career that allows us to shine. 
  • 11th House: Besides, the eleventh house deals with friends and social networks which help an individual gain fame. 

Important Planets For Fame In Astrology

Sun (Surya)

Fame is primarily connected with the Sun. If your Kundali has a powerful Sun, especially in the 1st, 10th and 11th house then it shall make you famous by using your talent. Fame can be achieved by wearing Ruby stone which increases the strength of the Sun in this regard. To get original quality rubies visit Astro India.


Rahu is a significant and beneficial planet for fame, it offers instant fame that is sometimes real while unreal sometimes, being either beneficial or detrimental at other times. Rahu’s fame is often controversial or sensational, though it may also manifest as instantaneous fame akin to instant brand recognition. For instance, if Rahu is posited in houses like 1st or 11th, then it’s quite favourable due to which person will attain desired fame very early in life; similarly wearing good gemstones increases Rahu energy levels.

Saturn (Shani)

People who get noticed through Saturn are greatly appreciated because of their effort and determination. Saturn's fame is considered the noblest and most stable kind of success that comes only after years of sacrifice. Saturn in houses 7, 10 and 11 gives good fame. Neelam (Blue Sapphire) should be worn for more power from Saturn.

How To Achieve Fame Through Astrology?

Fame Through the 1st House

The 1st house refers to that part of you that others notice when you first meet them. With a strong 1st house you will become a person who is considered talented or charming even without trying too hard in life.

Fame Through the 10th House

Your career and public life are associated with the 10th house. Public recognition and fame can be brought by a powerful 10th house when it comes to careers. The Effect will be increased by planets like the Sun, Rahu, and Saturn in the 10th house.

Fame Through the 11th House

The house that follows the 10th house in astrology is the 11th house. This house is linked to networks and relationships one has with others outside of their family circle; houses 2, 7, 8, 11. 

The eleventh house emphasizes social interaction and a broader sense of community; therefore, having a strong eleventh house can make one popular through different relationships and social circles. Consequently, it is the most critical house for modern fame, particularly influencer-ship and internet-celebrity trends.

Gemstones For Enhancing Fame

Wearing gemstones that correspond to particular planets in your Kundli can help increase their influence and enhance your fame. Here are some suggestions: 

  • Ruby: Ruby makes the sun stronger, which is appropriate for those whose fame is due to their talent. 
  • Gomed: Increases Rahu’s influence, thus assisting sudden and dramatic fame aspirants. 
  • Neelam (Blue Sapphire): raises Saturn’s strength, so it is good for those whose fame is established over a long period of time.

Understanding these influences can aid in fame attainment through the proper employment of gemstones. Discover from the best astrologer in India, Sahil Kohli, how 1st, 10th and 11th houses can activate your potential for fame. You can also ask about the nakshatras and specific solutions.